Tasmania is a state of Australia and an Australian island located 240 kilometres on the south of the eastern side of the continent. It is the smallest state in terms of both size and population, with an estimated population of 494,520 and an area of 68,401 square kilometres. Tasmania is promoted as the Natural State with its large relatively untapped natural environment.

The state capital and the largest city in Tasmania is Hobart. Being a small state of Australia, Tasmania has much to offer to the residents for its spectacular scenery and easy access to a range of natural attractions, a refreshing climate and a rich heritage. 
Boasting a strong economy, with extremely affordable housing, lowest crime rates and easy access to schools and colleges, Tasmania is a very adequate state to raise children in.


In the recent years, Tasmanian economy is doing well and it has performed better than the national average. Tasmania outperforms all other Australian states in labour retention and also has the lowest level of industrial disputes of any states in Australia.

There is a wide range of industry sectors that takes up Tasmania’s workforce. The highest proportion of Tasmania’s workforce are namely retail trade, health and community services, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, forestry and fishing, and property and business services.

In addition, business confidence in Tasmanian Government is the second highest in Australia. The economy strategy adopted by the Tasmanian Government creates optimum conditions for investments and business prospects. There are a number of cost advantages for businesses as compared to other states such as low labour costs, a stable workforce, low land and accommodation costs and good port access. Investors can be assured that investment decisions are made with political and economic certainty.

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