Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the capital and the only major inland city in Australia. With a population of nearly 300 000, the territory is surrounded by New South Wales with the capital Canberra. It is an attractive city with stunning mountain ranges and countryside.

Even though people in Canberra are busy with their own life, the residents in Canberra generally retain a laid-back lifestyle blessed with a lot of leisure activities and accessible weekend’s getaway. The city is designed to provide locals with easy access to schools, shopping, national attractions and recreational facilities. A remarkable clean and safe environment, with low crime rate, accessible road infrastructure, prestigious education system and excellent health facilities, Canberra is an ideal place for both young families as well as the singles to live in.


Canberra’s economy is characterised by high levels of labour force participation and low unemployment rate. The main industry in Canberra is the government administration and defence, with employers over 40% of the workforce. The major public sector employers in Canberra are the parliament and government departments such as the Department of Defence, Financial, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Treasury.

The Australian Capital Territory is considered as an excellent place for business prospects. The city is equipped with a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, concentrated intellectual capital and outstanding educational, research and design capabilities. A strategic location of the city with the first class infrastructure and high technology advancement make Canberra an ideal investment location.

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