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Quantum Investor’s 7-Step Wealth Partner Model

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At Quantum Investor we have developed our Wealth Partner Model for the ease of investing for YOU… By following our proven formula you will:

  1. Create the wealth you want by discovering your GOALS and bringing them to life!
  2. Train your MINDSET
  3. EDUCATE yourself about property investment with our easy step-by-step process.
  4. Devise an achievable PLAN to gain wealth based on your own goals.
  5. Benefit from ongoing SUPPORT from our professional team.
  6. Take ACTION – Action + Success go hand in hand – Action is essential
  7. Create all the wealth you want and achieve lasting SUCCESS.

Sourcing Quality Property.

Sourcing quality property is a major concern for most people.Quantum Investor’s property research methodology implements a ‘macro to micro’ approach.

Macro Research

Quantum Investor analyses economic data with the purpose of identifying regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. Industry research indicates that the following factors should be considered – and are included as a critical component of our research method.

  • Employment and Economic Growth
  • Population and Demographic Changes
  • Infrastructure and Government Spending
  • Supply and Demand

Micro Research

Once a region has been identified as having strong growth potential, Quantum Investor considers the following information:

  • Transport in the area
  • Quality of building materialsDesign
  • Design
  • Facilities
  • Rent

All the above assists to determine if the property has good potential for:

  • Growth and
  • Cash flow

Capital Growth is the means for creating long term wealth; however, the ability to rent out your property is also crucial to the investor. Therefore, Quantum Investor only approves properties that supply these essential pre-requisites.

Quantum Investor’s research is designed to make life easy for you…

Create your wealth plan now…


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