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Time to buy with Qld incentives?

I have been asked whether it is ok to buy in Queensland after their year of disasters?

Queensland is recovering quite quickly from its year of floodings and cyclones. When these types of occurrences happen in an area it often actually stimulates the economy due to affordability issues with housing, as well as people being prepared to pay that bit extra for higher ground.

I am not suggesting that you buy flood damaged property by the way – or in areas that you think  unsafe, however we would expect to see government reforms that do not allow building in any dangerous areas in the future to alleviate this from happening.

With the Queensland government introducing the $10,000 boost and migration still placing demand on development, expectations are that Queensland’s property prices will increase as usual.

Remember – it does not matter where you buy property – you always need to research where and what you are buying. All states have their good and not so good areas.

The property that Quantum Investor offers are all well researched and cover everything that gives you the best opportunity to buy a property that will at least double its value within the next property cycle. We do not offer property from any flooded regions – and we only recommend property that will have high demand, rental and potential for great capital growth.

The $10,000 boost is a great offer if you are buying the right property – and there are some great areas where you can get this offer…

If you wish to discuss this or find out more – just drop me an email and I am happy to help

cheers 8-)


I am often asked, ‘what is the number one reason people are successful with their investments’?

After many years of dealing with people and investments – the  answer to this is easy.


Without doubt – mindset is the number one reason people find success – or should I say – Success finds them.

People with strong mindsets make things happen – they see problems as opportunities to make them stronger and more successful – in contrast to looking at the situation as negative. If you do not have a wealthy mindset then you are more likely to give in when the first difficulty arises, as you can lose focus and thoughts may turn to the worst case scenario.

Although it can be hard at times when you are making significant changes that affect such things as your mindset and finances – I encourage you to always hold firmly in your mind what you want to achieve – and always expect to get the outcome you have planned for  – even when all appears contrary.

Wealthy people expect to be wealthy – so when times are tough they know this is just a transition period rather than a final outcome.

Remember the pathway is not always straight – but if you keep focused you have to reach your goals – there is no other option.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas and encourage you to share times where you have held your beliefs strong throughout difficulties and succeeded.

Remember this is not about being perfect – we all falter at times – but always know that you can get back on track and continue the journey. Flow around and over rather than come to a halt.

As Bruce Lee says, “Be like water my friend”

have a great week



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